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The Big Move

Bonjour – welcome to my new blog, where I will attempt to chronicle my husband’s and my move to Bourron-Marlotte, a small village in France.

My husband, a former mechanical engineer, will be attending INSEAD, a global business school in Fontainebleau, which is about an hour southeast of Paris. The program is one year long, and I’m tagging along.

So what will I spend time doing? Well, hopefully, meeting new people.  Learning French. Tasting wine. Eating bread. Learning more about cheese, which I love. I also learned there is a community garden in our village, so maybe I can work on that green thumb.

The name of my blog comes from the fact that D. and I are living, quite literally, on the edge of the famous Forest of Fontainebleau.

I’ve learned all sorts of interesting bits of trivia about this forest, including the fact that it contains 3,000 types of mushrooms. It was also apparently a favorite focus of a group of painters in the 1800s – including Renoir.


Man in the Forest of Fontainebleau, Renoir, 1886

Man in the Forest of Fontainebleau, Renoir, 1886


There’s a slideshow of art of the forest at the New York Times Web site.

The forest is really beautiful – even in winter, when the trees are bare – and there are tons of hiking trails all over the place. Everytime we drive past them, we see people going out for a walk, or gathering twigs for the fireplaces that are in every house around here.

I’ve also heard there are wild boars around the forest. Considering those animals are about the same size as the tiny Citroen we are renting, I’m a bit afraid of running into one.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting my blog and please keep visiting! I hope to post a lot of photos so my friends and family – and anyone else with nothing better to do – can keep up-to-date on our adventures.


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