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Our bags are packed

  How odd that the last year of our life can be packed up in just a few suitcases and boxes… 

We’re preparing to move out any day now. We hired XSBaggage, the company who shipped our stuff here in the first place, to help us move back to the US. Basically, we packed two suitcases and two large cardboard boxes with our excess clothes, shoes, souvenirs, kitchen supplies, and chocolates, and we’re sending them on ahead of us. In fact, I’m waiting for the shipping company guy to come pick them up now. 

They should be arriving at my parent’s door in Green Bay in a few days – they might even beat us there. That is, unless the cardboard boxes fall apart, which I’m slightly worried about happening.

Other than that, we’ve returned our rental Citroen car, packed up our Indian spices and our baking/cooking foods and given them off to people who want them (peanut butter and black beans to the Americans, cookie sprinkles to the moms, spices to an English woman who likes Indian food), donated read books to the library, donated my yoga mat to the class…

Since we’re not grocery shopping anymore, we’re just eating frozen food from Picard (I have to blog about that place soon). And now we just have to clean up this place!


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